Why you should use a Realtor® when buying new construction

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Why would a consumer need a realtor® to represent them when building new construction?

1) The site agent represents the builder, they are not there to “help” the consumer.

2) A buyer’s agent can inform the client of issues in construction, knows what questions to ask, you don’t always get what you see.

3) How many of those  foreclosures were with customers that had no representation? A lot of them! Funny how a house appraises for the builder, but when you go to resale, it doesn’t, ever wonder how that happens?

4) An experienced realtor® will save the consumer money building with new construction, builders do not discount the price because the consumer has no representation. Real Estate is a huge investment, why not use a professional that has years of experience and knowledge to put to work for you. It is like trying to be your own attorney. Not usually a good idea.

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